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Magma Firestop


Magma Firestop® have products for thatch, wood, natural fibres, blends of synthetic and at least 30% natural fibres, with industrial solutions for timber, paper and cardboard, organic insulation materials, plastics, foam and coating. Some of the uses are shown in our pictures. Call or email us to discuss your fire protection requirements.

  • Treated and untreated textiles
  • Treated and untreated thatch
  • Treated and untreated wood
  • Replica of Batavia – famous sailing ship discovered in Indonesia.  Interior wood and fabrics treated with Magma
  • Fire retardant for polyeurethane foam wall decorations and fabric - Indian Bollywood wedding
  • Wedding set treated with fire retardant
  • Largest thatch in Europe – Entrance to Theme Park – being sprayed with Magma
  • Efteling largest Thatch in Europe – protected with Magma Firestop spray
  • South African Cape Reed – sprayed with Magma Firestop SG2-H
  • Dubai building in Abu dhabi - treated with SG2-H
  • Middle East – Magma Spray  SG2-H
  • Parasols on the beach – Magma Spray  SG2-H
  • Gazebo – Magma Spray IMW 435 and SG2-H
  • Curtains sprayed IMA 120
  • Christmas Tree with Magma Firestop 'Christmas Safe'
  • Replica of Amber palace of Jaipur – Antwerp – Magma Fire retardant spray
  • Cellulose snow treated with Magma Firestop
  • Bayern Beer festival – Tents treated with Magma Fire retardant
  • Fire retardant on artificial snow in Australia for Warner Bros
  • Zamora Cathedral Spain, treated with Magma Firestop
  • Artificial tree treatment
  • Set with Artifical snow treated with Magma Fire retardant
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